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Brazilian DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) platform launched

The Brazilian DRM Platform was launched on the 1st of July (

The DRM-BR platform aims to promote DRM standards by communicating technical knowledge and providing support to local broadcasters and listeners in tandem with the DRM Consortium. We intend to operate as a robust technical and theoretical node of communication between technicians and users willing to advocate for the implementation of DRM as the technical standard of the Brazilian System of Digital Radio.

The digital radio technology to be adopted will largely influence in the way communication is established between institutions and individuals for the forthcoming 50 years in Brazil. Arguably, the decision to be made at national scale will have broader techno-political resonances given the increasing geo-political and economic prominence of the Brazilian State in the Global South, especially in the South American context and potentially in Africa. By advocating for the introduction of an open digital radio system at national scale, we aim to strength technical autonomy and political sovereignty, encourage local knowledge production and industries, and the same time, stimulate de-centralized forms of communication by supporting the appropriation of the spectrum by different forms of civilian organizations. Moreover, we believe that Brazil can become an important global node in the process of developing an international, open and shared digital radio broadcasting system.