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DRM Brasil Team

Rafael Diniz - Computer scientist from Campinas University (Unicamp), researcher at SDR Telecom, associated to the DRM Consortium as DRM Supporter
Phone. +55 11 98728111
Email. rafael (EM) drm-brasil (PONTO) org

Paulo Lara – Sociologist, Centre For Cultural Studies, Goldsmith College, University of London

Daniel Manzzato – Telecom engineer, researcher at Work e Vídeo Telecom

Francisco Caminati – Sociologist, researcher at do CTEME from IFCH-UNICAMP / FAPESP

Paulo Tavares – Architect, Architecture Research Centre, Goldsmiths College, University of London / CAPES

Ataliba Zandomenego Filho – Amateur radio and electrical and telematic engineering student at Unisul

Claudio S. Del Bianco - Amateur radio, technologist and system analyst. Specialist in computer network infrastructures.

Thiago Novaes - Political scientist, telecom research (Digital Television, Interactive Services, Digital Radio). Under anthropology master's degree at Unicamp.

Silvio Carlos - Software developer - silvio (EM) drm-brasil (PONTO) org.

Marcelo Parada - Electronic engineer master degree at FEI, Parrot FAE Brasil.