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Signs of Traction for Global Digital Radio

Brazil Forms Body to Choose Standard

BRASÍLIA, Brazil has established a new body, Sistema Brasileiro de Rádio Digital, and charged it with determining the best digital radio technology for the country.

Both the U.S. iBiquity HD Radio and the European Digital Radio Mondiale systems are being tested in Brazil. In the initial tests, the DRM30 system proved the more favorable for AM transmissions in the medium-wave and tropical bands.

The SBRD will consider both systems, as well as their FM versions, as well as recommend adaptations suggested by local researchers from Brazilian universities involved in the trials.

The Ministry of Communications ordered the SBRD to recommend a solution for both AM and FM services that allows simulcasting, low-power transmissions and one that makes efficient use of the radio spectrum.

The SBRD was also told to look for a system that provides opportunities for technology growth within the Brazilian economy, such as for transmitter and receiver manufacturers, in addition to promoting other social and political goals for the betterment of Brazil.

A decision by SBRD is not expected before early 2011.

— Carlos Eduardo Behrensdorf