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Brazil might have 100% of its territory covered by just 4 transmitters DRM30 working in SFN

In a recent discussion at DRM Brasil mailing list, Carlos Mourato from DW de Sines, Portugal, said:

"Em times I already said in a forum that, in order to Brazil get a full coverage,
4 stations with 100kW or 200kW in SFN using DRM30. One in Belem, another in
Recife or Joao Pessoa, another in the west border in Porto Velho at Rondonia
and another in the South, Porto Alegre or around!!!... Everything in SFN and Brazil
would be covered with all the quality. Imagine how many 4kW FM transmitters
would be needed to cover all the country (including the Amazon)! This makes
DRM30 an extraordinary form of radio broadcasting to big countries like ours.
It's a shame that the manufacturing of receivers is stalled."