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DRM stations which can he heard in Brazil

Francisco Braccini, member of DRM-Brasil, made a report about the current DRM stations that can be received in Brazil.

The Voice of Nigeria (VoN) arrives with some regularity in Brazil. After correcting the problem in the audio source, the VoN remains regularly in the air with an average of 12dB gain in the open and minimum required of 9dB, varying according to propagation peaks. This peak is due to a set of factors such as: the 19m band which they use when transmitting at 15120 kHz, time from 18 to 19UTC, and finally their power of 250 KW directed to Europe (Azimuth 7 ° from Of Abuja - Nigeria) using transmitters from Nautel.


All India Radio (AIR) has transmission with regular tuning in Brazil at 7550 kHz. Broadcasting on two audio channels from Bengaluru in India, this is the world's most powerful DRM broadcasting in Shortwave. The AIR has a 500 KW transmitter from Nautel, with an azimuthal antenna at 280º from Bengaluru, that is, facing western Europe. The transmission is subdivided into three phases between 17:45 and 22:30 UTC. From 17:45 to 19:45 UTC, AIR broadcasts the General Overseas Service IV (GOS-IV) from Super Power Transmitter Bangalore on its main channel, and on the secondary channel it broadcasts a local Indian classical music station, RAGAM, or the VIVIDH BHARATI broadcaster, the latter being most commonly broadcast in 2015. This issuance has the highest gain near the winter solstice in Brazil, being captured from the beginning, on July 21, 2016 in Brazil. From 7:45 p.m. to 8:45 p.m., on the main channel it issues the GOS-IV in Indian and in the secondary the service in French. Until this time, the bitrate is 10.5 kbps per channel, totaling 21 kbps. From 20:45 to 22:30 UTC, the transmission passes to 8.7 kbps per channel, totaling 17.4 kbps, facilitating the decoding of the receivers, as the minimum required gain decreases by 1dB on average of the MER (Modulation Error Ratio ), Being around 14 instead of 15dB, although it is high. In this final phase, AIR transmits GOS-IV in English in the main and RAGAM in the secondary, being better captured near the summer solstice of Brazil. This makes All India Radio the most complete and broad-spectrum DRM service on the planet, with an average of two decodable hours in Brazil at 4:45 a day (including weekends), varying more to the beginning or end of its issuance throughout the year.