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DRM-Brasil interviews Sergiy, DRM+ receiver author

QT-DRMPLUS is the first free software DRM+ implementation, and was made available by Sergiy, a long time digital radio activist and contributor of OpenDigitalRadio project.

Below follows the interview.

1- Sergiy, we know your work with free software DAB and audio streaming implementations for some time. Could you tell us more about the qt-drmplus project?

qt-drmplus is a simple application that demonstrating usage of libdrmplus. The main implementation idea - is to create library that is able to do DRM+ demodulation, so it can be embedded to any other SDR-application to do digital radio reception.

Right now libdrmplus is in early alpha stage, and some features, like decoding QAM-16 - are not implemented yet.

2- In Brazil, for example, there are more than 5k community radio stations with license, and many more other low power local stations (free and "pirate") - all of them in FM/VHF. How do you think these stations (and their listeners) could benefit with this great achievement in free software world?

I guess the best - is to use multiple stations (up to 4) with a single transmitter. Comparing to DAB(+) - the multiplex operator (transmitter owner) - don't need a wide-band spectrum. Only 100kHz is needed for small-scale site with up to 4 stations, comparing to 1.7MHz for DAB(+).

3- Do you plan to encourage SDR receiver manufacturers, like PantronX (Titus II manufacturer), to include your DRM+ receiver in their standard distribution?

No. But if that manufacturers is interested, they can add libdrmplus to they software and run DRM+ reception on it.

I plan to port most signal-processing part to HDL code, so it can run on FPGA or ASIC. Right now I created low-power SDR receiver, based on AD9876 RF-frontend which is connected to Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA.